PTFE Adhesive (Teflon) Tapes

Our large inventory of roll goods are available in most widths and are ready to be slit to customer order. The slitting and converting is a full time operation. We therefore aim to have the vast majority of all slit tape orders dispatched the same day to arrive in the UK the following day. Standard items at 1000mm wide, usually from our Tefsil® range can also be provided

Specialist high performance tapes
PTFE • Our most popular tape with a PTFE coated fibreglass and a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive
UHMW • Our UHMW tapes are offered up to 610mm wide and are supplied on 33m coils
SKIVED PTFE TAPE • Skived PTFE tape is made from pure, non-reinforced PTFE for certain applications where extended life is required
PTFE ZONE TAPE • PTFE zone tapes are made in house on our specialist machine to your specific request from PTFE coated glass cloths that have double sided adhesive strips down each edge on one surface, leaving the centre clear