Aftermarket belts for Meyer fusing & laminating machines

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We are a specialist manufacturer of aftermarket fusing and laminating machine belts which we can produce to fit any kind of Meyer laminator or fusing equipment. We make all our product in our UK based facility to customer order all made from premium grade, high quality fabrics. PTFE (Teflon) coated glass cloth forms the main structure of the conveyor belt with an anti-static PTFE (Teflon) surface. We can construct any size of laminator or fusing PTFE belt to suit all machines currently on the market. The PTFE coating has a continuous service temperature of up to 260⁰C.
The belts are supplied with the ends prepared to be welded on site by the customer. The edges are reinforced and have eyelets down both edges to accept springs.

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Used as a heat resistant release belt for bonding and laminating fabric and materials. Usually done with a top and bottom belts.
Features & Benefits
Manufactured to approximately .036mm thick these belts benefit from a high percetange of PTFE coating for maximum release and finish.
Techbelt has the flexibility to make these belts at dimensions to fit any machine on todays market.
Material Properties
• High temperature resistant - up to 260°C
• Excellent release properties
• Exceptional chemical resistance
Additional Information
Available in widths up to 3600mm, manufactured in various thicknesses and weights
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• Reference: AS-37-NA • Colours: Anti-static Black
• Standard width: 3600mm • Tensile strength: 3500 N/5cm
• Thickness: 0.36mm • Temperature resistance: 260°C
• Weight: 700g/m2