Silicone Cookie and Baking Mat

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EAN: 620947466563
The Tefsil® Silicone Cookie / Baking Mat is a great non-stick 100% silicone that is ideally suited for use when kneading and mixing dough, preparing and rolling pastry and marzipan as well as meat products, pasta and chocolate. It can also be used very well with delicate sugar craft.
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General Info
The surfaces are silicone coated which is flexible and anti-slip ensuring the Baking Mat does not slide
The Tefsil® Silicone Cookie / Baking mate can be put directly in to your oven within a baking tray and because of the silicone surface will resist being blown around in a fan assisted oven
Some of the many advantages
• Heat resistant up to 250°C • Easily cleaned with soap and water
• Dishwasher safe • Suitable for use in the freezer as well as the oven
• Food regulation compliant • 100% silicone coating
• Coating: Silicone rubber • Material: Silicone rubber coated glass fabric
• Thickness: 0.55mm • Weight: 750g/m2
• Tensile Strength: 2100 N/5cm • Temperature Resistance: 280°C