PTFE Coated Glass Mesh GM2-95-NA

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EAN: 620947466907
GM2-95-NA is a 4mm square aperture PTFE coated mesh. Manufactured using a double weft yarn it provides considerably higher stability than our single weft products. This material offers excellent resistance to high temperatures and is widely used in more challenging manufacturing environments. Ideal for conveyor belt applications such as drying textiles and curing beverage cans. This our most popular PTFE mesh product.
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PTFE mesh belts are used in applications such as the drying of printed products for example; point of display stands, T-shirts, glass and mass produced paper prints. Print dryers usually opt for Ultra violet, Infra red or hot air as the heat source to dry.

Other applications range from the drying of cereals, non woven’s, charcoal interlinings, carpet & carpet tiles, printed circuit boards and shrink-wrap tunnels but to name a few.
Features and Benefits
PTFE open mesh conveyor belting is light weight and cost effective therefore is easy to handle and less expensive than wire alternatives that can be difficult to replace.
Often supplied with a metallic clipper type fastener these style of belts can easily be removed and replaced therefore minimising downtime and saving money.
This material can be offered in carbon loaded black therefore providing antistatic properties.
Material Properties
• High temperature resistant - up to 260°C• Excellent release properties• Exceptional chemical resistance
Available in widths up to 5200mm, manufactured in various thicknesses and weights
If your requirements are not available to purchase online please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1422 366386
• Reference: GM2-95-NA (4x4) • Colours: Brown / Black
• Standard width: 3600mm • Tensile strength: 2400 N/5cm
• Thickness: 1.128mm • Temperature resistance: 260°C
• Weight: 546g/m2