Silicone Coated Glass Fabric 0.23mm

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EAN: 620947466785

Silicone coated glass fabrics provide exceptional levels of thermal retention. They are widely used in manufacturing processes where extreme temperatures are required. The material also has a high level of release / low adhesion surface.

Supplied in 1 metre width - please select colour & length
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Heat retention is the key feature for this material, it works extremely well as a conveyor belt in shrink-wrap tunnel applications. The ability to retain heat in the belts surface for periods of time succesfully reduces the shrink film on the underside of products. Our belts provide optimum performance throughout the packaging process.

Silicone coated glass fabrics provide excellent retention as chamber curtains in heat shrink tunnel environments. Release and seperator sheets for viscous processes and production in the Chemical, Rubber, Plastic, Electrical and Aerospace industries all benefit from this high performance material.

Due to its high surface release characteristics it is well suited to rubber extrusion lines where rubers, plastics or sticky products may adhere to belt surfaces.
Features & Benefits
Silicone coated glass fabrics have excellent heat, chemical and corrosion resistance. They provide minimum drag and superb flexibility in conveyor belt processes
Material Properties
● High temperature resistant - up to 232°C ● Excellent release properties ● Exceptional chemical resistance
● Thickness: 0.23mm ● Standard Width: 1000mm ● Colours Available: Red or White